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Valuation Library Resource — a Valuable Tool

Did you know that within the CCC portal is a fantastic resource that you can use to find information, documents, and job aids for the CCC ONE Valuation product? The Valuation library contains key documents regarding the CCC ONE Valuation product, from starting a Valuation to making a change to understanding how to read the CCC Market Valuation Report. This is a helpful resource for newer people and for individuals who may want a refresher on Valuation. It’s easily accessible within the portal with information readily available 24 hours a day.

One section you may find especially helpful is the configuration guides. These guides were designed to aid in “what to look for” and assist in identifying essential questions that need to be answered by the adjuster to value the item. For example, the Snowmobile Configuration Guide helps identify what to look for, such as make, model, and options, that the adjuster can reference while gathering needed information to value the loss. This can save cycle time and increase productivity.

Click here to access our Valuation library resource.