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Fraud Solutions

AI-powered detection

Problems We Solve

Uncover discrepancies and reduce fraudulent payouts.

Feature Intelligent Scoring

CCC analyzes data to automatically identify outliers and provide clarity to claims adjusters and investigative teams.

At each stage of the claims process:

  • Data is reviewed and insurer configured notifications are triggered
  • Photos, VINs and operation codes are compared
  • Reports automatically route to the carrier-designated groups for action

Featured Products


We’re revolutionizing incident detection for insurers by delivering near real-time telematics data and leveraging AI to offer predictive models to drive more accurate decision-making in the moments following a collision.

Advanced AI technology enhances the claims process making the experience intuitive for customers and effortless for insurance carriers. With remarkable accuracy, CCC’s algorithms can analyze a single photo, detect prior damage, and flag the submission for further review to help insurers mitigate risk and deliver smarter, more personalized coverage to the customer.

Improve issue detection with CCC’s AI-enabled fraud solutions

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