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Fraud Solutions

AI-powered data review.

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Problems We Solve

Intelligent solutions for the claims lifecycle.

Feature Detect problems with CCC's intelligent scoring.

CCC technology applies intelligent scoring to analyze the factors that matter most to your claims and investigative teams.

At each stage of the process:

  • Data is reviewed and insurer configured notifications are triggered
  • Photos, VINs and operation codes are compared
  • Reports automatically route to the carrier-designated groups for action


Our AI technology efficiently reviews volumes of data from previous incidents and ongoing claims to flag duplicate VINs, odometer disparities, garaging errors, multiple filings, and more.

As an added checkpoint, photos are analyzed for details that might not align with carrier standards.

Our AI-driven insights provide adjusters with needed visibility to manage risk, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Fraud Solutions

Gain more visibility into your claims with CCC’s AI-enabled fraud solutions.
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©2021 CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.