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Pete Morowski

Technology Analyst

Pete Morowski

About Pete Morowski

Pete Morowski is Technology Analyst for CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc., consulting with CCC leadership to advance the company’s mission to digitize the global insurance economy. Pete previously served as CCC’s Chief Technology Officer where his leadership helped establish CCC as a recognized leader in SaaS, AI, IoT, customer experience, and digital workflows for 30,000 companies across the U.S.

Prior to joining CCC in 2013, Pete was Senior Vice President of Technology for Sabre Airline Solutions, where he spearheaded delivery of SaaS-based e-commerce, commercial planning, and airline operation solutions to over 350 airlines worldwide.

Pete has also held senior executive technical and business executive positions at Dell, IBM Tivoli, Borland, and Novell. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences specializing in large-scale agile transformation.

Pete earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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