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CCC Code of Conduct

CCC strives to maintain a high standard of business ethics and expects its employees to conduct business with high moral and ethical standards. The following are simply examples of violations of professional conduct and are not intended to be an all inclusive list of violations, nor do they cover all situations:

Employees shall refrain from:

  • Damaging Company property or the property of other employees or visitors
  • Improper, dishonest or unlawful use or theft of company funds, assets or credit cards
  • Bringing or attempting to bring onto company property, any firearm, weapon, explosive, flammable or combustible substance or similar hazardous material
  • Sale, use or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs and/or unauthorized medication while on CCC premises or while conducting CCC business
  • Gambling, fighting, disorderly or indecent conduct or using abusive language that violates generally accepted standards of conduct
  • Failure to return to work promptly upon expiration of any leave of absence
  • Violation of or non-compliance with security regulations
  • Revealing to an unauthorized person any of CCC’s records, reports, papers, devices and equipment, formulas, practices, processes and methods that are considered to be a proprietary or confidential nature by CCC without the proper authorization
  • Directly or indirectly intimidating, threatening or coercing another employee or interfering with his or her work activities
  • Failure to file required travel/expense vouchers or reports in a timely manner
  • Engaging in discrimination, harassment or any other prohibited activity
  • Aiding or working for a competitor while employed by CCC
  • Using company time or resources for personal projects
  • Making false, vicious or malicious statements about any employee, CCC or its products
  • Leaving work and/or signing out without authorization from the appropriate supervisor
  • Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor which affects the employee’s ability to perform assigned work
  • Being in a workplace other than the employee’s own, during work hours without permission from the supervisor
  • Loafing, loitering or sleeping on the job
  • Bringing hazardous/dangerous material or creating fire, safety or health hazards using alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs on Company premises or while conducting CCC business
  • Indecent conduct or abusive language
  • Falsification of any type of company documents or records

Code of conduct violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

CCC may use several types of discipline depending upon the frequency and/or seriousness of the violation which may include a verbal warning, written warning, suspension or termination.

These disciplinary steps may be taken in any order, in any combination or none of them prior to termination.

Certain performance issues may result in an employee being placed on a “Performance Improvement Plan” where the employee is required to meet and sustain performance objectives within a defined period of time. Failure to satisfactorily meet the objectives may result in termination.