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DRP Scorecard Provides a Detailed Approach to a DRP Program

Scorecard allows for over 60 measures across four performance areas (Estimating Accuracy, Estimating Quality, Cycle Time, and Customer Satisfaction). By applying configurable metric attributes with a maximum of 25 available scorecard measures, there are upwards of 800 measures available to stakeholders for increased clarity.

Always check with your management for best practices using Scorecard. Each insurance carrier may have different rules for product configuration.

Important items to note:

  • The color of the dot within the quadrant associates with the category (Estimating, Cycle Time, Quality and Customer Satisfaction).
  • Estimating (blue), Cycle Time (red), Quality (green) and Customer Satisfaction (orange) dots reflect the Shop’s Performance for the carrier specified KPI.
  • Gray dots: Target (benchmark) based on the top performing DRP (75th percentile) shops in the CBSA.
  • One can see the specifics by hovering over the dots to get the actual amount.