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Accelerate the pace and precision of decisions.

Our Approach

CCC’s proven AI solutions are powering personalized decisions at scale for our clients – providing unprecedented clarity, identifying anomalies to reduce risks, improving performance, and elevating the customer experience. Informed by four decades of data collection, our advanced AI is building tomorrow’s experiences and transforming customer expectations.

An industry leader in AI innovation

AI-Enabled Solutions

Driving advances in insurance claims with AI

CCC technology powers intelligent claims processing for dozens of insurance carriers, from automatically routing claims to the most efficient channel, to computing line item estimates, and better predicting the likelihood of total losses.

The results:

  • improved cycle times
  • improved estimate experience
  • enhanced customer experiences

The experience that matters

Over four decades, CCC has gained robust experience handling cross-industry claims data from insurers, repair facilities, parts suppliers, OEMs and more and helps inform decisions and improve the precision of results.

  • Increased AI model accuracy
  • Increased AI model security
  • Incremental model training
  • Building toward straight-through processing

The framework for innovation

CCC’s pipeline is active with new applications, new data sources and new frameworks from across tech, insurance and academia. Our teams of experts are constantly exploring new applications to accelerate AI’s value. CCC is structured to innovate.

  • Scalable production environments
  • Constant experiments and investments in research and development

Accelerate your decisions with CCC’s AI solutions. Contact us.

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©2021 CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.