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IoT & Exchange

Expand the possibilities, unlock new insights and power decisions with IoT. 

Our Approach

Reduce risks, improve insights and empower new possibilities with CCC’s IoT solutions. We provide the infrastructure to activate and assess IoT data at scale to power better decision-making for our clients.

CCC X – an industry-leading data exchange.

The CCC X data exchange ingests, connects and transforms data to power next-generation insights for auto manufacturers, insurers, repair facilities and their customers. CCC X is the automotive industry’s most robust data exchange, driving advanced decision-making across ecosystems and transforming how businesses connect.

Key Insights

The proven leader in IoT data.

CCC technology accelerates the capture, assessment and activation of data across industries. Leveraging hyper-scale cloud processing, CCC captures multiple terabytes of data per second to inform actions and analysis for tens of thousands of clients.

Key Insights

Better decisions at scale.

Leveraging advanced, proprietary technology and processes, CCC transforms disparate data into actionable insights, powering better decisions and experiences for our clients, and connecting data across departments and industries. Accident data informs claims and casualty assessments. Original equipment manufacturer.

Key Insights

Consent-based data exchange.

Trusted to securely store and share information, CCC provides consent-based services that empower end-users and clients with tools to safeguard and share data across industries.

Featured Solution Advanced Analytics

CCC technology powers advanced analytics to identify anomalies, assess performance, and model possibilities. Powerful visualization and reporting tools help clients unearth new insights to improve and benchmark performance.

Featured Products

Power better decisions with CCC’s IoT solutions. Contact us.