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Streamline mission-critical workflows.

Our Approach

CCC workflows guide clients through an end-to-end experience to accelerate productivity and decision-making. Our technology facilitates data share and commerce across each client’s network, streamlining operations and integrating to key business services with comprehensive, transparent workflow from acquisition to resolution.

Key Insights

Versatile applications

From incident detection to repairs, restoration, and settlement workflow solutions, CCC solutions are versatile, with multiple ways to apply and integrate them into your existing workflows. Choose from standalone applications or a suite of products, including CCC-hosted components, white-labeled solutions, SDKs and APIs to create a unique experience tailored to your business needs.

An accelerated repair cycle with CCC® ONE

CCC is the automotive industry’s leading workflow partner – optimizing operations for thousands of repair facilities including the top five multi-shop operators. CCC ONE delivers digital solutions to attract business, manage repairs and labor, track performance, connect with partners, transact, and more.

Seamless claims processing

CCC leverages deep integrations, advanced AI and custom client rules to accelerate decision-making across the lifecycle of a claim. From first notice of loss to resolution, CCC’s claims workflow leverages mobile technology, AI and IoT to deliver a seamless experience. Advanced AI and rules guide decisions, accelerating resolution and elevating the consumer experience.

Transform your workflow with CCC technology. Contact us to get started.