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CCC’s PPO Program Offers Many Benefits for First-Party Customers

To help CCC’s first-party casualty customers manage ever-rising medical costs and extend policy benefits for insureds, CCC Casualty works with multiple regional and national PPO networks to offer contractually discounted rates. Preferred provider organization (PPO) networks, through contractual arrangements with medical service providers, can bring casualty customers discounts off regularly charged provider rates, including discounts off state fee schedule rates, where applicable. Lower rates mean additional benefit value for policyholders.

Our uniquely designed PPO program values quality of network partners over quantity, translating to several notable benefits for our customers, such as faster processing turnaround times, a lower rate of provider appeals, and a prompt resolution process including network support. The PPO workflow supports electronic bridges with network partners, allowing most bills to be processed and returned in minutes. CCC Casualty’s program includes only networks whose contracts with providers specifically include discounts for automotive medical, PIP, or first-party liability coverage to help ensure a higher rate of discount acceptance. In addition, our program is designed to access only directly contracted networks, not wrapped or leased networks.  Finally, our program includes a dedicated PPO appeals team to manage provider inquiries on our customers’ behalf.

CCC’s growth strategy for expanding the depth and breadth of the network offering includes the recent addition of a California-specific PPO, a new national network expected to be added by the end of 2022, and ongoing negotiations with additional specialty and regional networks. Our PPO team is continually evaluating available network offerings to maximize benefit value for clients and their insureds. We collaborate with our PPO partners to encourage and facilitate network expansion through new provider recruitment. Additionally, we offer our first-party casualty clients a choice of out-of-network vendors to negotiate appropriate discounts on bills from providers who fall outside our contracted PPO partners’ coverage.

To further empower our customers from an analytics perspective, CCC Casualty offers on-demand access to PPO network insights, key performance metrics, and trends via our PPO Dashboard. With these tools, our clients can proactively track the performance of their PPO usage.

For more information on our PPO program and its benefits, please reach out to your CCC Account Team.