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CCC® Diagnostics

Get fast scan results with CCC Diagnostics.

What It Does

Save time on vehicle scanning with CCC Diagnostics. Scan results are automatically attached to repair workfiles for the scanned vehicle, helping identify needed repairs quickly.

How It Works

Download the free CCC Diagnostics App* and connect to an approved J2534 device to choose from multiple integrations:


Expert Support from Opus IVS 360**


Users can also request repair guidance from over 100 master technicians through the Opus IVS 360 service. Technicians can connect to the vehicle remotely via the OPUS device to seamlessly share data and provide high-quality video chats directly through the device.

To learn more about the Opus IVS service and to secure a ScanSafeTM device, click HERE.

** Opus IVS 360, ScanSafeTM, DriveSafeTM, and scanning functionality are provided by third party provider OPUS IVS, which is not a CCC company. Activating this solution will require a separate merchant agreement with Opus. 

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©2021 CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.