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CCC® Diagnostics

Capture scan data directly
in your CCC ONE® workfile

Sync your scan device to CCC ONE to save time and simplify input – compatible with the industry’s leading diagnostics providers.

What It Does

CCC Diagnostics automatically populates CCC ONE workfiles with scan reports from leading diagnostics providers. Accelerate data capture, streamline processes, and save time with CCC Diagnostics. 

How It Works

CCC ONE customers can simply add a Diagnostics Scan Connection in “Settings”, select from the available providers, and follow the prompts to activate.

CCC Diagnostics Providers*

CCC Diagnostics Providers*

*CCC ONE license required to activate connections to scan providers. Diagnostics providers are third party providers which are not CCC companies. Activation of solution will require a separate merchant agreement with selected provider.

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©2022 CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.