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Third Party Casualty Solutions

A smarter way to process third-party casualty claims.

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What It Does

Achieve more accurate bill review and settlement outcomes with CCC Injury Evaluation Solutions (IES) Third-Party Solutions. Applying proven AI and biomechanical analysis to injury causation and bill review, CCC is helping carriers improve accuracy, expedite claims processing, identify anomalies and standardize decisions, whether it’s a routine claim or a more complex case.



CCC employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to power more accurate auto physical damage and casualty claims assessments – and we’re the only company offering scientific analysis of injury causation. Informed by decades of data from multiple sources — telematics, photos, vehicles, carriers, repair facilities, and more — CCC models continuously improve, providing the industry’s most robust view of third-party claims.

Transform your casualty claims.

Streamline administrative processes and achieve claims consistency by incorporating CCC IES to your end-to-end claims workflow.

Build a smarter, faster third-party claims process with CCC.
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