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Hurricane Ian: A Snapshot

Hurricane Ian made landfall on the west coast of Florida on Sept. 28, as one of the top 5 strongest storms in the U.S.

  • At its peak, the CCC Total Loss team received over 3,500 combined private passenger and commercial and recreational vehicle valuations a day, representing a 20 percent increase to normal volume. The highest amount was received Oct. 4-7. During the entire month of October, support hours were extended to seven days a week to accommodate the additional volume.
  • While the team did experience a gradual decrease in total volume, as of Nov. 3, they were still seeing a measurable increase in volume above normal levels due to this catastrophe.
  • Based on the path of this storm, the three most impacted states were Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Approximately 98 percent of the private passenger vehicle volume and 97 percent of the commercial and recreational vehicle volume were all from Florida.