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CCC® Quick Chat

Integrated text updates. Improved customer communications.

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Engage with customers the way they want to be reached – via text message.

Intuitive and accessible, CCC® Quick Chat offers two-way, real-time communication at every touch point in the policyholder journey—from underwriting to coverage questions, to first notice of loss assistance, to claim servicing and more. Create customizable scripts to deliver consistent messaging, and access stored conversation transcripts on demand.

For added convenience and optimal data capture, customers can share live video feed and enable their microphone directly from their text conversation via Video Chat.



CCC’s mobile and AI technology empowers insurers to offer differentiated experiences to their customers.

From the quoting to renewal questions, to FNOL and scene documentation, and digital communications, CCC delivers mobile tools to accelerate and improve insurer processes and transform the customer experience. 

CCC® Quick Chat delivers a best-in-class digital experience for your customers.
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©2021 CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.