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CCC® Estimate - STP

Automate claims from photo to estimate

How it works

CCC Estimate – STP is designed to transform photos into line level estimates in seconds. Applying advanced AI and CCC’s integrated network with insurer’s rules, CCC is digitizing the end-to-end claims experience – reducing cycle time and elevating the customer experience.


Use powerful connections to fully digitize the estimating process

Highly configurable, CCC Estimate – STP is designed to integrate with CCC mobile and workflow solutions to align with an insurance carrier’s unique preferences. It fosters connection to CCC’s vast ecosystem of insurers, collision repairers, lenders, salvors, parts suppliers, and more to create a seamless, efficient experience and elevate customer satisfaction.


Advanced AI technology enhances the claims process making the experience intuitive for customers and effortless for insurance carriers. With remarkable accuracy, our algorithms can analyze a single photo, detect prior damage, and flag the submission for further review to help insurers mitigate risk and deliver smarter, more personalized coverage to the customer.

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©2022 CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.

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