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CCC® Valuations

The gold standard for a wide range of vehicle valuations.

Deliver fair, market-driven valuations for your customers.

With 40 years of experience, CCC is the number one provider of personal and specialty vehicle valuations in the U.S. Our optimized valuation process factors in things like specific claim details, market conditions, seasonality, geography, historic vehicle data, and so much more.



CCC Market Value Report

Our comprehensive valuation reports provide detailed explanation in familiar terms of the data used to determine a vehicle or CRV valuation. It includes loss details like condition, equipment, and history, as well as comparable details like year/make/model, configuration, additional equipment, and adjusted comparable value.

Clearly Defined Methodology
Vehicle Information
Option and Condition Details
Comparable Vehicles
Supplemental Information

CCC is a trusted solution for personal and specialty vehicle valuations.

More Valuation Solutions

CCC Fee Calculator

Simplify workflows and reduce manual calculations with our vehicle fee calculator, available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

CCC Salvage Tools

Send salvage assignments from CCC ONE and provide detailed data with our Salvage Workflow and Salvage Reporting tools, integrated with CCC Estimating.

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