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May 2, 2023

CCC Intelligent Solutions Announces Date of First Quarter Fiscal 2023 Earnings Call

Featured Event DIGIN 2022

Research Presentation: State of Insurance Digital Transformation

From enhanced policyholder experiences to increased efficiency, improved decision making and beyond, the insurance industry is evolving and exploring how digitization can make an impact.

On June 8th, Jason Verlen, CCC’s VP of Product Marketing, will discuss the latest insights from Digital Insurance’s recently completed research with Janet King, Arizent’s VP of Research, on stage at DIGIN 2022.

Attendees will hear key findings on where customer experience fits within insurer innovation efforts, thoughts on analyzing and integrating large amounts of data into a digitized claims process, and insight into how AI and a connected network can impact insurer workflows and improve policyholder satisfaction.

DIGIN 2022 | New Orleans
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
4:20-4:50pm CDT

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