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Featured Event Auto Insurance Report National Conference

CCC’s Susanna Gotsch, Senior Director, Industry Analytics, will be on stage at AIRNC 2022 to discuss the latest data on electric vehicles, the complexity they bring to the claims and repair process, and how best to prepare. She will be joined by Mike Chilton of Chilton Auto Body, a pioneer in EV repair, who will highlight real-world challenges the repair industry is facing.

Susanna will also discuss the role AI is playing in modernizing the claims process, such as identifying damage, building estimates and automating claims routing. By creating an end-to-end digitized process within a connected network, ecosystem partners can streamline workflows, reduce cycle time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Not attending? With more EVs on the road and digitization moving full speed ahead, insurers have an opportunity to transform the post-collision experience for policyholders, adjust for modern car parcs, and optimize their own unique process. Find out more, connect with CCC.

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Featured Event 126th Annual NAMIC Convention

Estimating on CCC ONE® now can go anywhere you do. Visit us at AASP/NJ Northeast to see how CCC is making industry-leading solutions even better.

March 18-20, 2021

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