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From incident to resolution, CCC combines AI and advanced technologies with deep network integrations to improve predictions, streamline workflows and lower cycle time.


For policyholders, moving towards a seamless end-to-end process can create intuitive, cohesive experiences and improve satisfaction.



Visualize the Journey:


After an accident, the experience for both the policyholder and insurer begins.

When telematics data is flowing, automatic alerts share crash data for analysis and can prompt a digital post-accident driver experience.

Capture Crash Data


Instant connection helps insurers guide next steps during stressful moments, from confirming injuries to helping launch a post-collision experience.

See it in Action

CCC® Quick Estimate

CCC® Quick Valuation

A digitized step-by-step process allows policyholders to easy collect and submit accident details, photos, and video.

See How

Once received by the insurer, data can seamlessly pass to AI-powered estimate and valuation tools.

See How Insurers Can Receive Data in Near Real-Time

CCC’s AI Goes to Work

Scanning, Analyzing, Predicting – to intelligently recommend a path forward.

Advanced AI combines data points from millions of previous claims and vehicle damage photos, considers insurer business rules, and informs triage decisions.

Watch AI Analysis

CCC® Estimate – STP

For qualified repairable vehicles, complete, actionable estimates can be built, and assessed for fraud potential with CCC® Smart Red Flag Detection.

Go from Photos to Estimate in Seconds

Go from Photos to Estimate in Seconds

CCC® Estimate – STP

An estimate can be received for policyholder review moments after submitting photos of vehicle damage, providing information to help them move forward.

AI Can Auto-Release Estimates According to Insurer Thresholds

Shop Search   |   Shop Scheduling

After reviewing an estimate, policyholders can immediately schedule repair at a nearby shop.

Policyholders Can Select a Preferred Time and Receive Confirmation


Crash Data and vehicle damage photos can help insurers accelerate steps for conditioning and valuing a vehicle.

CCC® Valuations

Once a vehicle is deemed a total loss, a Market Valuation Report can be shared with a policyholder in the CCC® Total Loss Care app.

Policyholders Can Receive Near Real-Time Status Updates

CCC® Total Loss Care

Insurers can also digitally connect with participating lenders plus 3rd party lending data providers to streamline lien and title release.

CCC® Payments*

Direct, secure payments can be easily initiated from CCC workflows, and transactions digitized across multiple P&C payees.

Including automatic payments to policyholders.

Simplify Payments, Enterprise Wide

CCC® Safekeep

Should AI predict an opportunity for subrogation, Safekeep can digitally package and send the documents and evidence needed for negotiation.

Reduce Cycle Time and Improve Outcomes 


enable a more efficient,
personalized policyholder

Get Back on the Road

Accelerate Digital Transformation to Redefine What’s Possible

CCC is bringing insurers closer to achieving the industry vision of straight-through processing.

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