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Network Management

Expand your reach with CCC’s vast network of collision repairers.

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Broaden your network with CCC’s solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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CCC® Connect

CCC Connect allows insurers to communicate digitally and seamlessly with direct repair program (DRP) shops through the platform participating repair facilities use daily, CCC ONE. By reducing back-and-forth with repair shops throughout the claims process, insurance carriers can reduce costs and cycle time to help get drivers back behind the wheel quickly for improved satisfaction.

CCC® Scorecard

Improve your customer satisfaction through actionable DRP performance insights. With CCC Scorecard, you can monitor your network and compare DRP shop performance through configurable dashboards that feature 100 KPIs across four categories: estimating, quality, customer satisfaction, and cycle time.

CCC® Open Shop

Electronically send assignments to repair facilities outside of your DRP network with Open Shop, allowing customers the flexibility to seek repairs from their shop of choice while broadening your network.


CCC technology is more than just software – it is a vast network of repairers, manufacturers and suppliers critical to your business success. By connecting industry partners, our Network Management solutions can enable easier communication, helping to power more accurate decision-making and improve the experience for your shared customer.

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Broaden your network with CCC’s solutions. Contact us to learn more.